AaNDoS - the monitoring toolkit

Nuremberg, Germany; Intergeo 2011

Dr.Bertges Vermessungstechnik presents their new product, "AaNDoS - the monitoring toolkit".

Staudamm AaNDoS is the successor of DC3, which is now in use for 10 years in all kinds of deformation monitoring projects. Small ones and huge ones, from small bridge monitoring to large installations, for example during the construction of the Gotthard basetunnel.
In the beginning, DC3 had been one of the first IP based monitoring systems. Many features, which had been unique when being implemented into DC3, are now standard features in competitive products. So for 10 years, DC3 had been one of the pace makers in deformation monitoring.
Now it's time for the next step. With "AaNDoS - the monitoring toolkit", Dr.Bertges Vermessungstechnik presents for the first time a sensor-net based set of modules and tools, which can be used as a complete monitoring system or as OEM modules in any heterogenous system. Because the interfaces for the AaNDoS modules are open ASCII interfaces, the integration into customer's proprietary system becomes an easy task.
Long term monitoring needs stability and reliability. Not just for the sensor readings, but for all system components. The open system guarantees full access to all data and results. It enables the customer to keep the complete monitoring project under control, not just for years, but for decades.
3D monitoring needs 3D reports. During Intergeo 2008, Dr.Bertges presented a deformation monitoring report as a 3D-VRML model. This opened new ways in reporting and understanding 3D deformation. In AaNDoS, this type of report has been improved.